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Water Softner

Water Softner
Operating Principle And Salient Features :-
Neotech offers upflow type water softners in various capacities.
Permutite water softners operate by Ion Exchange. The hard water is passed through a bed of Ion Exhange material, which exchanges Sodium Ions for hardness forming Calcium and Magnesium Ions. All hardness salts in the water are thus converted to the equivalent Sodium Salts, which have no scale forming or soap destroying properties. The softening action continues until the Ion Exchange material contains no more Sodium Ions which can be exchanged for Calcium and Magnesium.
These softners are of ROBUST DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION.

Various models available are :
NS : 90/U
Output will vary in accordance with incoming raw water hardness.
NS : 120/U
NS : 150/U
NS : 200/U
NS : 400/U
NS : 500/U
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Water Softner
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