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Two Stage Oil Burners / RG-D Series / RG Series- One Stage Oil Burners

Two Stage Oil Burners / RG-D Series / RG Series- One Stage Oil Burners

The Riello Gulliver RG design incorporates advanced technology that permit combustion to be optimized especially during ignition cycle and shut down. With a range that goes from 14.2 kW upto 237 kW with 9 one stage burner models, Riello has designed a product in which every component is easily accessible in order to simplify maintenance operations to the maximum. Air supply can be adjusted from outside the body through a screw positioned on the upper part of the burner. One of the most important characteristics of this series consist in a variable resistance pre-heater.

Possessing all the qualities of the one stage RG Series, the two Stage RG-D series goes from 14.2 kW upto 294 kW 5two stage Burner models.

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